The Gospel in a nutshell

It’s actually impossible to try and narrow the scope of God’s saving work to a few points because the Good News of God extends prior to the creation of the universe including His foreknowledge and plan to restore all things even in the face of deadly sin. His redemption through Jesus is at the centre of it all and goes beyond this known world in restoration of all things and in eternal glory with God forever.

To make it easier, the Gospel can also be explained with four essentials:

God – Everything begins with God. He is Creator and the implications of being His creatures are enormous with regards to identity, purpose, belonging, security, perspective and final accountability. He is also holy and righteous. There is none like Him in purity and He cannot look on sin. Yet He is loving and compassionate and extremely patient.

Man – We are made in the image and likeness of God with the purpose to reflect who God is to all creation. We are blessed to be fruitful, multiply and enjoy life with God forever in trust and obedience, protecting the work of God. Man, however, sinned by rejecting God and His commands and was plunged into death and separation from God resulting in the fall, devastating all creation.

Christ – Jesus, who is fully God, comes as fully man to be a substitute for the sin and death of man by dying for him on a cross. Being the sinless perfect sacrifice by fully obeying all of God’s Holy and Righteous law, perfectly reflecting God’s love and compassion, Jesus overcomes death and is raised to life by God to the place of highest Authority as our King and Saviour.

Response – In order for us to be restored to the place of trust, dependence and obedience to a Holy and Righteous God, we need to personally accept the death of Jesus as God’s death for us and believe in His resurrection. Thus, repenting and turning from our sin and rejection of God towards the forgiveness of our Saviour and restored King in our lives, Jesus!

All of life, as a born again, forgiven, believer in Jesus is now lived out in empowered trust, obedience, relationship with, and worship of Him, once again reflecting God’s image and likeness to all creation.

All verses taken from the New International Version unless noted otherwise

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